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I would like to introduce myself...my name is Jenny.  I am a military wife & homeschooling mama.  We have four children with an age range from 23 years down to 4 years old.  We have been homeschooling for about 10 years now.  Our oldest son graduated from the public school system, our second oldest -our only daughter- is graduating from homeschooling in June 2014, leaving us with two more boys to homeschool til graduation (God willing!).  

As a homeschooling family, like many others, we live on a single income provided by my Hubby.  We may be a little financially strapped at times, but it is a choice (lead by the Lord) that we made for our children & their education.  Since we are living on a single income, our total budget for homeschooling has been about $500 per year.  This budget has limited our homeschooling to using as much completely FREE curricula resources as possible so that the money can be spent on supplies like paper, pencils, internet access, technology, and more; so I have learned to scour the World Wide Web for FREE resources to use in our homeschooling lessons.

I originally started HSEduFreeMarket as a Yahoo Group about 5 years ago and then a couple years ago switched it over to a Facebook group, that has grown to over 700 members.  I am now turning HSEduFreeMarket in to a blog & Facebook Page with the hopes of sharing with more families that are looking to homeschool their children for FREE.  HSEduFreeMarket is for ONLY free resources....not inexpensive or nearly free....ONLY FREE, COMPLETELY FREE resources!!!

At least once a week I will post about a specific topic of study, sharing links to FREE websites, ebooks, online activites, worksheets & other printables, and more!  Over the next few weeks I will be posting FREE resources for Natures Studies, Insects, Birds, & other Spring/Summer topics.

I am also working on adding Page Tabs to the top of the blog that will be Subject Specific Pages with links to FREE internet resources for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, & Fine Arts.

So stick around as I get things up and running, head on over to LIKE the Facebook page or subscribe via email to receive updates in your inbox.


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