Free History Resources-Men of History

History is full of the stories of men, women, and children who have directly impacted the course of human history. Today I’d like to share more than two dozen worksheets and printables that can help your family discover the stories behind just a few of these men today. I’ll be sharing the stories of women and children in another post, so stay tuned!

U.S. Presidents Free Resources

Historic Figures Free Resources

There is also a GREAT collection of facts about historical figures ranging from Alexander the Great to Vivaldi at Teachers of Good Things. She has lists of people Charlotte Mason would want your kids to know, including 10 people from BC times, 10 inventors, 10 Revolutionary War women, 10 Revolutionary War men, 10 explorers, and 10 composers. Be sure to check this amazing series out!

This collection of free homeschool resources is brought to you by Bonnie Rose at Watch for another fun freebie roundup next month! 

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