Free Homeschool Lesson Plans, Online Resources, and Printables for a Unit about the Endocrine System

Science – The Endocrine System

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And here are this week’s YouTube videos on the Endocrine System!

Here’s a fact-filled endocrine system song with lyrics for singing along.

I am really loving Kids’ Health’s lessons.  Here’s their Endocrine System lesson.  I like them because there’s a listening button for the kids who don’t read well yet, so it doesn’t require me to read aloud!  Yep, I’m lazy like that.

Here is Discovery Kids’ reference: Your Endocrine System

Wisc-online has a neat endocrine system interactive diagram for kids to practice their understanding.

Here’s the Matchcard Science printables for the endocrine system.  If you’ve been following these posts, you’ll know that these are pretty cool.

In browsing the web this week – I found this amazing list – I have these resources myself at home!  Can’t believe it’s week 11 for us, and I’m just now seeing this.  What a great resource list!  It includes references for each week’s topics for Classical Conversations for resources such as Usborne Encyclopedias, Netflix, and Story of the World.  You CC people will know how thrilled I am at coming across this!  You’ll want to bookmark it.

Biology 4 Kids’ article on the endocrine system can be found here.

The Endocrine System: Who is In Control Here? is a good reference for older students – use the search feature at Core Knowledge to find the pdf (copy and paste the article title into the search box – we can’t link it directly in order to respect copyright).

Fact Monster’s concise explanation of the endocrine system is very helpful.

Sola Gratia Mom has a description of a hands-on learning experiment she did with kids about the endocrine system (scroll halfway down the page).  It looks like fun!

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This collection of free homeschool resources is brought to you by Deana at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom (.com).  For lots of Classical Conversations pins, follow her on Pinterest.  Stay tuned next week, for free (or nearly free) resources for a unit study on the purposes of the blood!

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