Free Recipes and Ideas About How to Explore the World Through Food

I have always LOVED geography and learning about other countries through things I could touch. When I was little, I collected inexpensive coins from around the world. When I was older I discovered various ministries that sold handcrafted from other countries and learned all I could about what the items were, how they were made, and who had made them. But what more fun way to learn about another country than through food? Here is a roundup of fun ways you can explore the world through recipes!

Explore the world of penguins with these PenguinCake Pops from World for Learning.

Find instructions for hostingan English Tea from World for Learning.

Praying Through the ProduceAisle from Write Bonnie Rose is an 80-page printable of study questions, notebooking pages, and coloring sheets that will help you turn your next trip through the produce aisle into a missions trip.

Recipes, Games, and Facts from Around the World courtesy of Kids of Courage

Food from NorthAfrica: Couscous, Sahlab, and Chakchouka
Discover Burma and make a MangoCake and Palm Sugar Sago
Treats from Mexico: Horchata, Mango Dessert, and Sweet Potato Dessert
Try these Chinese dishes: Almond Cookies, Beef and Rice, and Almond Jello
Make Plantain Chips and Arepas from Colombia
Palestinian treat—Ghraybeh
Recipes from Indonesia: Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters), Baked Chicken Satay, Coconut Rice, and Ongol-ongol
Iraqi Snacks and Treats: Pita Treat, Date Syrup, Date Balls, and Baklava
Khmu recipes from Southeast Asia: Bamboo Shoot Soup and Khmu Stew
Recipes from Malaysia: Compressed Rice, Coconut Rice, Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters), and Baked Chicken Satay
Recipes from Morocco: Roasted Almonds, Couscous Treat, Coconut Almond Snack, Frozen Cinnamon Dessert, Apple Milk
Nepalese Recipes: Nepalese Tea and Nepalese Rice Pudding
Pakistani Recipes: Chapatis, Tahfee, and Unday Ka Halva
Recipes from Turkey: Simit and Turkish Delight
Recipes from Uzbekistan: Sugared Almonds and Liquid Halvah

Vietnamese Recipes: Mango Ice Cream, Eggs and Onions, Peanut Sweet Potatoes, Rice and Banana Pudding, and Banana Treat

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