Science – Elements (Chemistry)

Free Homeschool Lesson Plans, Online Resources, and Printables for a Unit about Elements

YouTube Videos:

Middle School Science’s website has some fun-looking resources.  Check out the Lego Activity: Using Legos to Represent Elements, Compounds and Mixtures (linked on the page, #5, a little ways down).

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop has a helpful game to download and print off that teaches the arrangement of the elements on the periodic table.  After you’ve learned about the atomic number, her game “Element Connections” may be fun (for older students).  Also as a follow-up for older students, you may enjoy the “Quick Six” game, which reviews each element.

Scroll down the Science: Chemistry page at Collaborative Learning until you see the “Elements Game” link.

Let your child practice what they’ve learned with Jefferson Lab’s elements games.

Learn the basics about elements from Fact Monster or Chemicool.

Tie in a lesson about rocks and minerals and learn about Native Elements at Mineralogy 4 Kids.

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This collection of free homeschool curriculum is brought to you by Deana at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom (.com).  For lots of current weeks’ Classical Conversations pins, follow her on Pinterest.  Coming up soon: free resources for a unit study on the parts of an atom!

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