Wanted: {Needed!} Blog Contributors!

Looking for Homeschool Educational Free Market blog contributors, Facebook group and fan page admins. 

HSEduFreeMarket Blog Contributors Wanted!

Duties would include:

-Once a month round up posts of free resources for specific topics/subjects.
-Add new group members and keep the group wall free of spam.
-Share free resources daily to the group and FB page.
-Interact with group members and FB page fans with questions and conversations about homeschooling.

At this time, I can only offer my gratitude and appreciation for your help. Also, if you have your own family-friendly blog, you will have a bio with a link back on the contributor page of the HSEduFreeMarket blog, as well as an author profile on each post that you write. You can include links to related free resources from your own blog in each post. These posts will be shared on a variety of social media sites, including Facebook (2000+ Fan page; 1700+ Group), Google + (38), Twitter (65), Pinterest (1.7K followers), and 200+ Email Subscribers.

If you would be interested in doing any or all of these, please fill out the form below.