Welcome to the Homeschool Educational Free Market, also known as HSEduFreeMarket! 

Do you want to make the idea of Homeschooling for Free a reality? 

Then you are in the right spot!!

HSEduFreeMarket originally began as a Yahoo Group about 5 years ago, where group members would share free homeschooling internet resources with each other to help make homeschooling as inexpensive as possible. 

A few years ago HSEduFreeMarket moved over to a Facebook group that has grown to over 1900 members. The group is open to many homeschool bloggers that create and share their great free printables.

What exactly is HSEduFreeMarket?

It is a listing place of FREE internet resources for Homeschooling....not inexpensive or nearly free....ONLY FREE, COMPLETELY FREE resources!!!

Each week a new post about a specific topic of study, sharing links to FREE websites, ebooks, online activites, worksheets, and other printables will be available for you to browse through to add to your homeschooling lessons.  In the right side bar of the blog, you will find a list of TOPICS of FREE resources that have all ready been compiled.

There are also Pages located in the left sidebar of the blog with lists of links to FREE internet resources for specific Grade Levels, and specific subjects, such as Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, & Fine Arts. These Pages are updated and added to frequently, to keep the lists clear of resources that are no longer available.

HSEduFreeMarket has an amazing team of volunteer contributors working hard to provide you with as many FREE resources as they can scour up from the internet to make homeschooling for FREE a reality, not just an idea.

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